Kelly Ransom is prepared for the work ahead and ready to get it done for District Six.

Kelly's policy priorities are community driven. You, as a resident of D6, are the expert of your experience in Boston and we want to continue to hear from you. 

Below is a sampling of Kelly's Policy Platform which will be rolling out starting in July and following our Halls for Progress & Roundtable conversations.


We encourage everyone to submit their ideas for progress in D6 here or attend one or all of our  Halls for Progress. 


Together we will work to craft a vibrant, inclusive, and equitable work plan to carry out at City Hall. 

Animal Rights

  • Ensure the passage & enactment of Ollie's Law to require regulations of facilities that provide dog daycare and boarding


  • Maintain stable housing for families with pets and work to prohibit landlords from refusing rental or evicting on the basis of dog breed

  • Advocate for additional funding at the State level for animal welfare and safety programming to put into Homeless Animal Fund, which funds low cost spaying & neutering

Arts, Culture, and Tourism

  • Bring together community event planners to reimagine the Special & Public Events Permitting Process in Boston and ensure equitable access to information, resources, and trainings


  • Activate areas not included in a Main Streets District with multigenerational public art & pop-up performances to increase foot traffic to small businesses

  • Collaborate with landlords of vacant storefronts to energize those spaces with pop-ups that support the local arts economy & serve as spaces for creative community collaboration

  • Include the voices of artists & creatives in all areas of policymaking 

Climate & Environment

  • Continue the push for the development and expansion of the City's Project Oscar Pilot Program to bring Boston one step closer to our Zero Waste goal through composting


  • Work with the City to improve recycling strategies and ways to reduce solid waste in Boston

  • Introduce an initiative to work with restaurants & food businesses to adopt green practices

  • Advocate for climate & environmental justice curriculums in Boston Public Schools

Economic Justice

  •  Continue the equitable recovery for District Six small businesses & restaurants and the growth of local economies in all neighborhoods post COVID-19​

  • Establish a Legacy Business Preservation Fund & Program that would allow the City to award grants to Legacy Businesses and to building owners who lease space to those businesses

  • Increase the City's technical & financial assistance to small businesses and entrepreneurs while removing barriers for​ Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBE), Black, Indigenous, and People of Color entrepreneurs

  • Serve as the champion for the survival, stability, and continued growth of the foodservice, restaurant & hospitality industry in Boston​ for business owners & end subminimum wages for their employees


  • ​Improve access to vacant and newly constructed commercial spaces for Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBE), Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), and immigrant-owned businesses​

  • Collaborate with unions to advocate for increased education around unionized labor in all industries to reduce economic inequities & protect workers' rights

  • Increase access to training & mentorship programs for MWBE/BIPOC & immigrant business owners and entrepreneurs

  • Work with Boston's Cannabis Board to ensure that those who benefit from the sale of recreational marijuana in Boston are those who have been directly adversely impacted by past racist drug policy​ 


I understand the barriers families face while trying to access high-quality education while experiencing housing instability & poverty. Unfortunately, my experience is not unique. There are currently (that we know of) 5,000 Boston Public School students experiencing homelessness.


Growing up in Boston, I attended six schools, including Boston Latin School and Boston Arts Academy. Because of the homelessness, housing instability, untreated mental illness, and poverty I experienced in my school-age years, I had little capacity for learning. I needed to focus on surviving. My quality of life felt ignored as I slipped through the cracks of Boston's education system. 

This cannot happen to our students, the future of Boston, anymore.


As your next District Six City Councilor, I will serve as a voice for all families and fight for them to receive the wraparound services necessary for their students to be set up for success and ensure nobody is left behind to slip through the cracks as I did.


Some of my plans include:

  • Ending family homelessness in Boston and utilizing our schools as the vessel to provide families with wraparound prevention & harm reduction services

  • Demanding that the Student Opportunities Act be fully funded to ensure all schools have the funding needed to be truly equitable, accessible, safe, green, and healthy environments for students

  • Continuing the fight for fully funded holistic health & wellness services, including full-time school nurses and mental & behavioral health professionals in every school​

  • Increasing the number of substitute nurses and teachers, hiring more psychologists, social workers, custodians, and other staff to inclusively support all students

  • Guaranteeing access to mental health resources and support for all educators & school staff

Housing & Homelessness

  • Uphold the Boston City Council's commitment to end family homelessness within 5 years

  • Continue to convene, connect, and take action with Family Shelter Providers in Boston & neighboring towns

  • Stabilize housing by continuing the work started by Councilor O’Malley and Councilor Bok to introduce an Affordable Housing Overlay to the Boston Zoning Code, exempting 100% affordable, subsidized development projects from Article 80 

  • Maintain strong & proactive partnerships with Community Development Corporations & affordable housing developers at City Hall to increase mixed-use affordable & supportive housing & homeownership opportunities in District Six

  • Break down silos by convening a roundtable of affordable housing developers, including smaller private developers, and City & State agencies

  • Increase transparency and accessibility by streamlining access to knowledge around development & the process of development projects in all neighborhoods

Public Health

  • Partner with community health centers, non-profit organizations, patients, and caregivers to identify and bolster programs that provide free or low-cost mental health care

  • Streamline access & connection to health services through 311

  • Launch an initiative to directly provide mental health & recovery resources for foodservice, restaurant & hospitality workers

Public Safety & Community Support

  • Work with every member of the Boston City Council to remodel the Boston Police Operating Budget and allocate funds to increase accessible community supports that are grounded in anti-racist, ant-violent, trauma-informed practices

  • Amplify the voices of those participating in consensual sex work and ensure their protection, safety, & wellbeing

  • Fight for improved conditions of imprisoned LGBTQIA+ people and those at risk for, or living with, HIV



  • Amplify the voices of District Six regarding the need for reliable, convenient, safe, affordable, and accessible public transit to all neighborhoods in Boston 

  • Support Complete & Liveable street designs that are in line with federal standards for safe and accessible transit networks for people of all abilities


  • Lower or eliminate parking minimums for new developments and encourage alternative modes of transit and increase road improvements to ensure all neighborhoods in District Six are accessible 15-minute neighborhoods


Attend one or all of our Virtual Halls for Progress to participate in conversations about the important work ahead for equitable, accessible, inclusive change in Boston.

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