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Whether it be community service, customer service, or civil service, Kelly Ransom's dedication to serving her community has prepared her to serve as Boston's next District Six City Councilor.

Kelly Ransom has dedicated her life to service. As a queer youth, she marched in the streets of Boston to fight for the visibility of LGBTQIA+ suicide prevention. As a young adult, she kept a roof over her head by cooking & serving at local restaurants. As an adult, Kelly has pushed for affordable housing & economic justice in her community in the hopes that no one would experience the homelessness & poverty she did as a child. She later exercised her dedication to Boston by serving as a Boston City Council staffer to provide constituent services for neighborhoods across the city.


A lifelong District Six (D6) resident, worker, and volunteer, Kelly is fortunate to have been community raised and to have called 02130, 02131, and 02132 home throughout her life. The people of District Six shaped her into the leader she is today. The challenges of Kelly's upbringing, her resiliency, and her passion for the advocacy of Boston's most vulnerable & underserved residents drive her to serve on the Boston City Council while bringing everyone along.


Our opportunity to further the vision of an equitable, inclusive, and accessible District Six is now

As a nation, we are facing the grim reality of surviving the coinciding pandemics of COVID-19, white supremacy, and systemic racism.


As a city, we are facing the potential collapse of our local economies, a housing crisis, a mental health crisis, racial wealth inequities, inaccessible public schools, a lack of reliable & safe transit, and the present & future impacts of climate change.

We are going through a lot as a nation, as a Commonwealth, as a city, and as a district.

And, there is hope. There is love. There is joy.  There is promise. There is an opportunity for collaborative long-lasting change, and it has to start with all of us.

We've seen monumental historic strides in Boston this past year, but there is more work to be done. 

Together, we will implement community driven, equitable, and pragmatic solutions at City Hall with residents, partners, and stakeholders; work with our partners at the State House, and involve surrounding municipalities to push for significant, transformative regional solutions inclusive of everybody.

Kelly Ransom is prepared for our unified journey as a collective to equitable, accessible, inclusive, and holistic change in District Six. Above all else, Kelly is eager to provide above & beyond responsive constituent services to her neighbors in D6.

Together, we can make historic change in Boston, and it has to start with all of us.



Throughout this campaign, we are listening to, learning from, and hearing the diverse views in District Six. You, as a resident of D6, are an expert and our work is only possible through knowledge sharing and collaboration.

As we rollout Kelly's policy platform, we will continue to refine it as we hear more voices & views along the campaign trail. 

Stay tuned for our Virtual Halls for Progress to participate in continuing to craft a vibrant, inclusive, and equitable policy platform or submit your ideas for progress in D6 here.


Photo credit - Jenna Joyce Photography


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